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Практика “Хвалю себя!”
Плюсы и минусы в подготовке преподавателей йоги на русском и английском!
Изучение английского методами Мантра Йоги. 19.06.2021
Элементы программирования
Первоисточники йоги. Шива Самхита. Ответы на вопросы (2). Часть 9.

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How much does the spirit evolution cost?

Modern society provides us with many opportunities to expand our freedom. Subject to the influence of new trends, we wonder more and more where to invest our money to reach a new level of development and to evolve. Various trainings,

Continued support.

Everyone sooner or later asks whether there is something permanent in this world: something that will never go away? The body is aging, emotions replace one another, people come and go. Is there anything we can rely on? If there

Effective time management.

Open Yoga Journal


 Where does our time fly? What do we spend time on? Why do we have only 24 hours in a day…? Why do some events last forever and others rush by us in a blink? We

Yoga is the way to human evolution!

Yoga for beginners, yoga for men, yoga for women, yoga for seniors. So, what is yoga – is it a way to enlightenment or just another method for making easy money? Where did this teaching come from? What are basic

Fear takes molehills for mountains!

Open Yoga Jornal

It is hard to define our fears, because we prefer to ignore them. We need to have considerable courage and to be honest with ourselves in order to face our fears. How can we learn not to