How much does the spirit evolution cost?

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Modern society provides us with many opportunities to expand our freedom. Subject to the influence of new trends, we wonder more and more where to invest our money to reach a new level of development and to evolve. Various trainings, seminars, mental and physical practices require financial investments. If we pay less – do we get lower quality knowledge, and if we pay more – does it guarantee our spiritual growth? Is it possible to get the desired effect at a discount?

We have to pay for everything in life!

A lot of people around us try to effectively “sell” themselves: scientific researches, quotations of celebrities, broadcasting of a lifestyle – all these are attempts to earn trust and loyalty of the consumer. Often under the guise of the teachings this information contains many illusions, not critically consumed by our mind. But the principle of “the more you pay – the better you get” does not work here.

Yoga tells us that we ourselves have been persistently creating the law of supply and demand for a long time. This is our Karma – the carrot and stick that drives us through life, makes us adapt, become smarter and more efficient. This is a tool in our hands and it should be used purposely.

The institution of money is a step leading us from illogicality to super logics. To get a positive result from the practice we have to pay: with our time, effort, smartness, and extraordinary willpower. Much more serious fees are: courage, honesty and loyalty which cut our way through ignorance. And this is not so simple – to get a well-deserved joy. Each piece of knowledge has its own price.

Our mind is arranged in such a way that if we get anything for free, easily and effortlessly, the hidden ignorance awakens in us over time, our attention weakens and we lose all interest, even if it is something really important. For certain reasons, it is easier to keep our attention on money. That is why the appropriate use of money – among other things – helps us to keep attention on our goals.

Every person has the freedom of choice!

It is important to understand: what suits one person may be inappropriate to another. We should not impose on others our vision of the world. Each of us is at a certain level of internal evolution, each has a personal picture of the world and the degree of freedom. Trying to open other’s eyes, we force them to pay too much price for this knowledge – to give up their free will.

Activities that should expand our personal freedom spiritually, mentally and physically should not be at the expense of our relatives and friends. We must be extremely honest with ourselves and see clearly whether our practice leads to the goal or, on the contrary, reduces freedom and weakens the mind.

A spiritual practice must work!

It is difficult to reconcile concepts such as spirituality, work and money for beginning yogis. The desire to know the impalpable aspects of the Higher Self and the lack of understanding of internal mechanisms gradually give rise to the feeling of disgust towards everything “brute and material”. There is a tendency to escapism – to escape, to be saved – for which money also falls.

But it is believed in Yoga that money is the equivalent of our life force. The more vitality we have, the more it returns to us, including in the form of money. This is, in particular, what says the energy conservation law. Every our effort passes with a trace. But we have to be extremely attentive to note it. The manifestation of our potential in society corresponds to Artha yoga, which is one of the four cherished goals of a person, according to the yoga theory.

Artha yoga may be loosely translated as “Yoga of Prosperity”. The following provisions characterize this yoga:

• First, finding a life path through which a yogi benefits society within a certain range;

• Secondly, being paid proportionally to your positive contribution.

Thus, the more living beings appreciate a yogi’s honest labor, the more he/she gets in cash, on  bank account and in Karmic way.

In an effort to realize Artha in his life, a yogi gradually discovers the laws of Cause and Effect. In applied manner he understands the Principle of Non-Harm and the Principle of Common Sense, which Yoga as a self-knowledge system adheres to. He comprehends all the subtleties of the interaction between a man and the Universe. These subtleties imbue the whole life of a yogi: his work, family life, communication and the rest. Therefore, it becomes extremely clear to him for what knowledge, with what and how much to pay.

We wish you peace and happiness!

Authors: M Mirra, Kerigona
Editors: Kerigona, M. Sarasvati Bhavani, M Mirra
Translator: Lilia Ghanta
Project curator: Kerigona