How to live to the fullest?

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Human development nowadays is very fast. We have to perform a large variety of tasks, process a huge amount of information and try hard to succeed in different areas of our lives. It seems impossible to achieve all goals and objectives without forcing ourselves and without losing out on our health and happiness.

Each of us has a different level of health and wealth, some of us see the world in shades of grey whilst for others it looks colorful and bright. Some people achieve their goals easily and quickly and it could take years for the others to progress towards even modest objectives. What do all these differences depend on? Is it possible to become healthier and more successful?

According to Yoga, each of us has a Higher Self, which is absolutely free, Almighty and All-knowing. It manifests itself in cosmosphere as prana. The word “prana” translated from Sanskrit means “breath” or “life”. It is also called “vitality”. In Yoga it is recognized that prana pervades the Universe, although it is invisible to the eye. In this world we can see and perceive different objects, amend them, as well as change ourselves. 

The ability to spot the objects, therefore “freezing” or forming them is called the principle of Consciousness, and the ability to transform and change these objects is the principle of Energy. The mixture of these two principles represents prana.

Prana is able to appear as consciousness and as energy, depending on what a person needs at this moment of time.

When we are full of life, we are happy, joyful, healthy and capable to achieve any goals rather quickly. If the vitality is reduced, we become prone to diseases and problems and hardly achieve success. The fuller our life potential, the more strengths, abilities, energy and resources we have to change any situation to our favor. If we don’t have enough vitality, we may not recognize the existence of the problem or will not be strong enough to resolve it. A surplus of prana helps us to find the necessary information, pay attention to any discomfort in our body, be adequate in perceiving all kinds of events, and make the right decisions in difficult situations.

Thus the potential of prana enables us to highlight a problem at any level using the consciousness and then correct the defect using the energy.

“Only when his spiritual strength leaps into a person, is he truly alive for himself and for others; only when his soul is red-hot and burning does it become visible.” Stefan Zweig

Do you want to live an active life and remain healthy and happy? Then you need plenty of prana.

To increase vitality Yoga offers a variety of tools and practices: from the classical methods to the fast ones, from physical exercises to mental practices and meditations. You can choose from a variety of practices whatever suits you best. Classic methods will help you to gain prana harmoniously and at your own pace. These techniques are tested and safe. Whereas the fast methods expedite the process of self-knowledge, but it is much harder to perform them and there are more risks and pitfalls in them.

And we should not forget that whatever type of Yoga we choose to practice, it is highly recommended to follow the principles of doing no harm, of effectiveness and consistency, as well as the harmony method — rejecting extremes. For the fast methods in Yoga the bottom line is accepting the principle of help to all living beings to eradicate distress and do the same for your own life, as basic principle for all kinds of such yoga practices.

By using yoga instruments, we are capable to increase the amount of prana, which will help us to keep our body healthy, resolve any problems, easily and quickly achieve our goals, be accomplished in all areas of life, create, keeping excellent state of health and frame of mind.

Live an active life and be happy!

Author: М.Mamontova

Editors: А.Zlobin, Marina Balmush

Translated by: Tatiana Sugrue

Project curator: А.Zlobin

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