Is it possible to lose weight by practicing Yoga?

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People start practicing yoga for different reasons. Some are looking for answers to spiritual questions; others are motivated by the desire to get into shape or to lose weight. When you choose yoga for losing weight, the following questions arise: “Is it possible to lose weight by practicing yoga? Is it necessary to become a vegetarian? How quickly can I get a result?” Let’s refer to some theory of Yoga in search of answers to these questions.

Yoga as a self-exploration system

To start with, let’s remind ourselves of what is yoga. Yoga is a self-exploration system based on the method of harmony and two main yoga principles — not doing any harm and using common sense.

In the process of self-exploration, it is possible to achieve any targets, including the acquisition of a beautiful slim body. But this is more like a “free application” to everything else, what yoga is able to reveal in a person. The main purpose of Yoga is reaching an unconditional freedom. Regular exercises bring our body into a natural, harmonious, ideal condition, making it free from any pressure and strain.

On the way of learning yoga, the first step is to exercise control over the physical body. Kindly and consistently we learn to listen to our body and to control it. As a good manager, we force it when necessary and let it relax when required. After some time, with this wise and smart management out body becomes obedient to us. It starts to lose or gain weight depending on our wishes.

We need to understand that our internal and external condition is a result of our own actions. In yoga, it is called the law of karma — the law of cause and effect. That is why it is worth monitoring what impacts have our actions over our own body.

“If you wish to see your karma, look into the mirror!” Vadim Openyoga   

Yoga states that by influencing our body we get an effect on the finer levels: emotional and mental. All our structures are changing, the body is clearing, getting healthier, and acquires the desired shape. Besides, our intellect is developing, as well as our ability to control our emotions and behavior. With the help of yoga, we can overcome such a widely known problem as a “comfort eating”, we become calmer and more equable.

Moderation in eating

Yoga is recommending us to follow harmony in eating. Un-necessary exhaustion by diets, as well as constant overeating, is not beneficial for our health. A good indicator of how harmoniously we eat is our feelings after the meal. If we feel cheerful, energetic, flexible, with a clear mind, it means we are tuned to harmony. If we feel sleepy, lazy, heavy, sodden, weak — we should review our diet.

By getting involved in Yoga practice, we can settle our digestion, and assimilate any food in a short period of time. Thanks to this, our body will not accumulate “needless elements” and will always look slim and fit.

As far as eating solely plant food and not have meat in your diet at all — this is a personal choice. Yoga does not restrict us from anything. Yoga is freedom! We should feel by our own experience what food is the best for us.

Intensity and frequency of practice

In order to acquire the desired shape people need a different amount of time and effort. For getting a result from yoga practice it is necessary to practice regularly and to make your exercises a habit. Then success will be guaranteed. It will be beneficial for you if you practice yoga for 60-90 minutes not less than twice a week. For maximum effect, it is sensible to practice every day.

Exercise every day but don’t overdo it! One day you will feel strong enough for active practice, another day you may have not enough energy even for the simplest exercises. Yoga encourages us to find our own rhythm, and follow the internal harmony!

A lengthy yoga practice will help you better feel your needs and the requirements of your body. As well as to understand that the best teacher, adviser, nutritionist, psychologist, coach, etc. for you is yourself.

So, what is the conclusion? Yoga is, first of all, a system of self-exploration. By exploring yourself, it is possible to achieve any goals, including becoming the owner of a slim, beautiful and healthy body. The main rule is to avoid extremes and listen to your feelings. They will show you the right way!

Be beautiful and happy!

Author: Tatiana Shandakova 

Editors: Kerigona, М.Mirra, М.Mamontova

Translated by Tatiana Sugrue

Project curator: Kerigona

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