Life is everything

Life is the most important thing in the Universe. All living beings, from the simplest to the most complex, desire to bear life. They support life by giving birth and fostering a new generation of their own species. .

“If not for the source, the river would dry up.” (Russian proverb)   

The Universe, allowing us to be born, gives an opportunity to learn important lessons, and yoga gives various practical tools for their successful overcoming. However, to take advantage of these tools, we need a physical living body – the human body that we receive from our parents.

The circumstances under which we are born are different for everyone. Our parents at the time of our conception, no matter who they are in general, they are a manifestation of the male and the female qualities of the Absolute. Therefore our birth is the greatest chance for spiritual growth.

What does yoga say about partners search and creating a family?

Primarily, if you don’t have a partner, but you want to have a family and children, it is advisable to look for one among like-minded people, those who share your views and aspirations. Together it will be much easier to plan the conception and birth, and further upbringing of the child.

From Yoga  point of view, the ideal situation is when the future parents prepare for the birth of a child and do everything in their power to ensure that it is born healthy, in a caring and loving environment. Under favorable conditions, a baby has a better chance to become a person of integrity, able to coexist harmoniously with themselves and the world around .

The attitude to conception and procreation should be the most serious and responsible. As in any area of life, yoga recommends to avoid extremes. When planning pregnancy, future parents should be clearly aware of their capabilities and abilities to give birth and raise children. Are they capable of loving, caring,  good upbringing and providing adequate education to many children? It is important to remember that it is necessary not only to support life, but also to prevent uncontrolled birth rate. Every child has the right to a decent life!

In any area of life there should be no “dark spots”, yoga recommends that you take consciously any decision

If a yogi or a yogini enters into the sexual interaction, not wanting to conceive a child, they must have all the necessary knowledge and skills to use the most modern contraceptives available to us. You should know that contraceptives are divided into two types: non-abortion and abortion.

Non-abortion contraceptives mechanically prevent fertilization, the egg does not connect with the sperm, conception does not occur — these are the ones that Yoga recommends using. 

Abortion contraceptives terminate pregnancy in various ways, which is an equivalent to killing a living being — it is recommended to avoid them.

What about an unplanned conception?

The decision to terminate a pregnancy is incredibly difficult. Yoga cannot give a ready answer to a question of this magnitude. Life situations can be very different. We do not know all the twists of fate and do not have the right to condemn or encourage the choice of anyone. Yoga is a system of recommendations designed for those who seek to follow these recommendations, and in no way affects the freedom of those living beings for whom this system is not appropriate.

“If you don’t want to get lost, look around, if you don’t want to make a mistake, ask.” 

The Tuvan proverb

It is believed that a highly developed soul, the soul of the Teacher of humanity, is likely to come to a yoga-practicing couple in a child’s body.  If this soul has not been given a chance to incarnate into the world, it will not be able to bring all the benefits to the society that it could bring in the case of its birth.

It is better to prevent an unwanted conception than to perform an abortion, putting at risk health and life of a  mother and a child

If you got pregnant anyway, then do everything in your power to avoid an abortion. Yoga recommends adhering to the First principle, the principle of Kindness — the principle of not causing harm unless it is necessary. 

We have a responsibility for our actions.

An abortion for yoga practitioners can be justified only in the case when pregnancy is a threat to woman’s life and health. A mother’s life is a priority. The woman will again be able to bear and give birth to a child in more favorable conditions. 

Yoga encourages us to be conscious  in making any decisions. Whatever the circumstances of our lives are, we must remember that life is the most valuable thing we have. However, the downside of life and freedom is responsibility.

Take care of life and enjoy harmonious self-knowledge!

Article author: Angelina Shanti

Author of the picture: Mariya Melnikova

Editorial: Kerigona, M. Sarvasvati- Bhavani Mirra

Project curator: Kerigona

Translator: Dmitriy Kelapa, Tatiana Sugrue (Teya)