Working with a voice is a way to self-transformation

People who are proficient in their language have a very strong power of thought. They can influence other people and generally succeed in life. Beautiful, clear and harmonious mellow voice, literate and competent speech  is fascinating by its expression. However, regretfully, not every person can speak perfectly. Is it possible to improve the world and yourself by means of your voice? We will try to find the answer from the perspective of yoga teaching.

Mantra yoga is a practice of self-exploration, by using sound vibrations of human speech

From ancient times and to the present day, we find evidences of the magical power of human speech. Miscellaneous ethnic fairy tales and ancient myths tell us about the immense power of the spells and about the might they give to people.

The sublime knowledge of the strength of words was preserved by wise men of the East. This knowledge is called Mantra yoga, which uses our ability to speak.

In Mantra yoga there are special words of power – mantras, which were passed to us by the ancient Yoga teachers. Chanting mantras has a tremendous impact, affecting the whole Universe.  Mantra is so powerful that it can save life, make the wish come true, help to achieve goals, gain spiritual knowledge or material wealth.

A good speaker can make millions of people follow him. People would do as they are told by such a person, no matter if it is constructive or destructive.  That is why a person whose words are followed by the others, must understand the consequences of what he says, take responsibility for his words.

The benefits of Mantra yoga practice.

1)     Developed mind.

When a person speaks, a lot of things in his mind become clearer and get a much better sense. Recitation of some complicated stuff, which we cannot understand, helps us to get the meaning of it. It is the well-known method of cramming. Pronouncing words aloud, we change our state of mind and perception of ourselves and the world around and also boost our intellect.

2)     Better concentration.

Our mind primarily responds to our own voice, above anything else. When we pronounce particular vibrations, we tune out all peripheral distractions. In fact, there are sounds, which can block our hearing when we repeat them, and we will not hear anything around us. Due to these facts, a person practicing Mantra yoga, improves concentration very rapidly and is able to keep focus on an object much easier.  

3)     Resistance to stress

People, practicing mantras are more resistant to stress. We have plenty of thoughts in our head, which capture our mind and make us worry. A person who repeats mantras, builds an absorber between the mind and the outside world, like he or she covers the mind with a soft blanket to protect it from the roughness of the environment. It softens the penetration of disturbing impulses inside greatly. A person becomes more calm and balanced.

4)     Beautiful voice

It may be said that voice is an indicator of the human body state. If we have diseases or problems, it is immediately reflected in the tone of our voice. If we practice mantra yoga for a long time, we will eliminate the flaws through the vibration, and the voice will become more harmonious.

5)     A person, practicing mantra yoga, maintains good health. 

Our body is also a vibration, the same as a sound, just coarser. When we engage our voice, we produce sound vibrations, which are transmitted to our body. As a result the whole body is massaged at a very fine level.  A regular practice of mantra tunes our body and mind to resonance and makes them balanced. That is a great therapeutic effect of mantra. Thanks to the vibration impact of mantra yoga practice, we feel lively and refreshed. 

Why are we not practicing Mantra yoga? Is it worth practicing mantra yoga if we do not understand its significance?

Mantra yoga exercises do not require any physical effort or special training. In order to get the result we just need to repeat some specific sounds, words or word combinations.  

Despite the simplicity of implementation, the other side of it, which does not let us use mantras – is our own foolishness. Our mind does not understand the point of this practice and we think “I am not a parrot to repeat the same thing many times. What is the point?” We are very sceptical about multiple repetition of mantras. This is a pitfall: the person does not believe because the mind does not believe. As a result we do not practice mantra yoga and do not develop our speech. 

It is really hard to understand the significance of Mantra yoga, however it is not necessary to understand the theory for being successful in practice. The most important is to be persistent with your practice and the result will be achieved regardless of the fact if we understand it or not. The achieved result will persuade us that this method is working. In Mantra yoga, as in any other kind of yoga, the main thing is an honest, constant and persistent practice.  

By mastering Mantra yoga you will discover the new horizons for changing yourself and the world to the better.  The ancient yogis teach us that all the darkness of the world can be overpowered by the light of mantra Vidya.  

Don’t wait! Start practicing mantra yoga, no matter if you understand its impact or not. Mantra is a treasure in our hands, which can help us to solve many life problems: it will develop our mind, increase concentration, give us calmness, beautiful voice and good health. 

Practice Mantra yoga and be happy!


Author: Evgenia Khmelinina

Editors: Kerigona, Mirra, М. Sarasvat-Bhavani

Translated by Tatiana Sugrue

Project curator: Kerigona