The life story of Vadim Openyoga (English version.) Short biography of Vadim Openyoga.

The life story of Vadim Openyoga (English version.)

Short biography of Vadim Openyoga.

– Vadim, could you tell us about your childhood, how your interest in yoga arose?

– I was born in 1970 in Budennovsk city. My parents moved there from Stavropol. Earlier in ancient times, Budennovsk was called Madjar. From history, it is known that Madzhar was the second cultural and economic center of Golden Horde after Saray. It had several higher educational institutions, analogues of European universities. Then it was called the Holy Cross, later it was renamed into Prikumsk, and then it became known as Budennovsk. Actually, I am a patriot of Budennovsk. It is the place of power. There is some mystery about this place. Anyway, everything that is connected with yoga goes very well there for me. Now Budennovsk is a large beautiful city, but at that time, in the late 60’s it was a real “hole” in comparison with Stavropol. My father was assigned to work there for an experimental breeding station. He was a scientific worker in the field of agriculture, he was doing a serious science, even made some experiments before I was born for 50 years ahead. It means that they are still in process. Father died in 2000, and experiments are still under way. Well, my mother as a decembrist’s wife followed him. My mother worked as a physics teacher. When I was born,there was no water, no living conditions, nothing! Only dust storms. Conditions that are close to absolutely natural …

My childhood was nice … If you want to imagine how it was, find Mark Twain’s book „The Adventures of Tom Sawyer”. It is about me from the beginning to the end.

– How did it happen that you got to know yoga in this, let’s say, “hole”, on the outskirts of the empire? Yoga has become popular only recently, and in the USSR just a little bit was known about it.

– I was about seven years old, when the movie “Hindu yogis – who are they?” was brought to our local cinema. I was watching it and was amazed! And the word “yoga” „caught” me. I was hooked by the freedom that yoga gives on the level of the physical body and the control of oneself. Well, in general, I started doing yoga at the age of around 14 years. My friend Robert gave me a reprinted book from those times when they were printed on a typewriter. There were no translations, no one published them. And he got it from his father. I copied it entirely by hand.

– And what kind of yoga were you doing?

– I was every day engaged in Hatha yoga practice, was just doing static poses. Pranayama, breathing yoga didn’t work well for me, it took me a lot of time to start doing Pranayama yoga. It is not an easy kind of yoga – breathing yoga. It requires a maximum of harmony. At that time it seemed to me that practicing longer and applying more effort brings faster and better results. In general, I made typical mistakes. I had a very tough Hatha practice, I was practicing it by the method of consciousness, which is an ascetic method. I simply did not know about the soft method or method of energy. I began to turn into a strong-willed, fanatical-stubborn, one-pointed “maniac”. Everything was going on in inner asceticism, and the very extreme asceticism caused inner euphoria inside of me and joy  overcome me. I remember, I was coming home from school completely tired, but still forced myself to practice. Of course, there were extreme sides, I was making mistakes by this method of consciousness. I would have better combined a hard and a soft approach. Just as a child needs both a strong-willed father and a good-kind mother at the same time, it is also necessary for a beginning yogi to learn how to get joy out of overcoming oneself, as well as the joy of simply softly doing yoga poses. I did not know too much at that time…

– You should have been very good at school. You have such versatile talents from the explanation of the theory of yoga from the modern science point of view to the poetic translation of ancient texts!

– I had a poor performance at school till the 8th grade. There were both objective and subjective reasons for this. Objective ones were: I was born left-handed. When I went to school, they began to retrain me to become right-handed. They were breaking me, calling me stupid and so on….  And the most piquant is that in some of the primary classes it was a screening test on whether to transfer me to a school for the mentally retarded. They wanted to transfer me there. Because I was bad in Russian language! I do not know how this diagnosis appeared in my life, I guess, nowadays they call it dyslexia. Plus, for a long time, they were re-training me from the left hand to the right, and of course, therefore I fell behind.

In general, school has caused me lots of headaches since childhood, and I have special relations with Russian language. When I got to study  in Sanskrit the words are written identically as they are heard in order to preserve the sacred sound of the words/mantras. Since that time the rules of the Russian language seem to be “evil” for me. It looks like someone invented them to write a dissertation. They say that once for the sake of experiment a dictation was given in the government and academy, and eighty percent of prominent politicians failed it. Of course, people are different, even in these circles, but when the rule or law is violated in 80 cases out of 100, then this is not a rule. Who will answer, how should we write: “заец” (“zayets”) or “заиц” (“zaits”). (TN: the correct spelling is “заяц” – “zayats”, but all the options when pronouncing sound similar). And the word „жизнь” with „и” after „ж” t (TN: In this case, the letter „и”, that normally sounds like [i:], in the word „жизнь” – [zhyzn] sounds like [y:], same as in “Syktyvkar”, for example. Though, in eastern Russian accent they still pronounce it softer, like [zhi:zn]). The soul of the nation, the Russian language, the magic of the word, like a living tree is wrapped in steel wires of strange old dogmas that choke it and cut its body. Serious work is needed to revive the language of our ancestors.

I was saved only by the fact that my mother was the head of studies department at my school, and I was not touched for several years. Such a teacher’s “mafia”. Some of the teachers’ children had problems with the Russian language, some with Math, some with Science.

I was getting worse and worse in Russian language. Probably, in my life I have not written a single dictation with a grade higher than two (TN: two is a lowest mark in Russian education system). Basically, I was saved by cute girls who sat next to me at one desk and from the mercy checked and corrected my mistakes. I am very grateful to them, I still remember them all. In general, I studied badly, and did not like to study, it was not interesting to me.

But my mother is a teacher of physics. And by the eighth grade I got “three” in physics. And it was no longer the Russian language, even the position of mother did not save me.

– And then there were some changes?

– The changes happened due to yoga. When I received the first initiation into yoga – a book, at the age of 14 and  began to study yoga, I began to study well at school too. Progress started practically in all directions except the Russian language: Science, Mathematics, Chemistry, some kind of poetry talent began to open up for me… For some reason, I always wanted to draw. And so gradually I got into some special learning space. I was studying and I suddenly became very fond of learning. This is the merit of yoga.

Then one day I decided to become a vegetarian, and I became one but to my parents’ sadness! There was nothing to eat in those years, and then I made things even worse by not eating many kinds of food.

– And what influenced the further life and the choice of the place of study after school?

– As I practiced yoga, I started to develop myself intellectually, and I began to meditate on some mathematical images. I remember that one of the topics of such a strange meditation was the Poincare ball – such a mathematical problem. As a result, one fine morning I woke up with a clear feeling that I should study at the Moscow Engineering Physics Institute (MEPhI). It was about the same thing as deciding to fly to the moon! It seemed to be unreal.

– Does it mean that this idea was born by itself, and neither parents, nor the environment had any influence?

– I probably heard the name somewhere, but I did not know anything about the University. It was something like voices from heaven, “You must study there”. I went to my mother and told her, and she nearly fainted, “Vadya, what are you doing? You study in the eighth grade with low marks … You should have been transferred to a school for special children … What are you trying to attempt?! ”

But there was nothing to do, so they together with my sister came up with an idea that if I did not enter the University, they would look for something more modest, where I would enter and did not skip the whole year. Then it was a wonderful story, how I was passing the exams, and my mother went to buy a ticket back home, so that after my failure we could leave immediately. At the MEPhI, there were three exams: in Mathematics, Science and an essay, and every time I went to take the exam, she went to buy a ticket. Then, when it turned out that I had passed, my mother went to return the ticket. By the way, at that times there were terrible queues to buy a ticket and to return it! In the end, I passed the exams pretty well. Of course, in the last year of school I was preparing, but I did not visit any special training schools. Probably, it happened on a pure will and life force, as they say in yoga, on “pure prana”. Therefore, if you have a problem, go into asceticism and get it with prana, will, charisma and energy. I must say, I had these situations several times in my life, when I had to get something with “prana”. It happened when I had to go to work in a foreign company, and the working language was English, in which I did not understand anything!

– And what exactly did you study at the MEPhI, what specialty did you choose?

– For some reason, I came to the admissions office and decided that I would choose what would be there. And when I saw the specialty “Physics of fast processes”, I understood that it was mine. All other thoughts had disappeared. Now, after so many years, I understand that it was fate.

Actually, I must say, in my childhood I had such a passion – pyromania. I did all sorts of explosive stuff and everything related to explosives was very interesting for me. And so, the department of fast processes related to it.

Much later, when I got into yoga, I came across fast methods in yoga, the Triada. Here is some magic of words: there were fast processes, here are fast methods. Or here is a well-known fact, the Americans were making an atomic bomb in Los Alamos, and our first atomic bomb was made in Arzamas-16, now it’s called Sarov. So, just a few kilometers from Arzamas-16 there is a village called Alamasovo!

– I wonder, are Los Alamos and Sarov sister cities now? It means that there was some connection between them at the level of names even before the creation of the atomic bomb… the MEPhI is now renamed to the National Research Nuclear University. So, your studies were connected to nuclear physics, right?

– Yes, I had this militaristic bias. We also had a military department there, so as a result, I became a lieutenant of the Strategic Rocket Forces. My military specialty is truly with the spirit of Armageddon – the maintenance of nuclear munitions. I hope I will never be drafted into the army, and if it happens, I hope, it will be the last days of the world …

– Can you tell us a little about the student life, your studies?

– Being honest, it was difficult, especially the first years. At the beginning of the studies we were sitting in the hall all together and our supervisor said, “Guys, now you all are sitting here, 30 or 32 people, and only half of you will finish your studies”. We shivered after this phrase. A good start, isn’t it? As a result, everything ended up even more sadly, only 8 people finished the studies. I cannot say that all the rest were expelled… If you wanted to study, you could do it, you were always given the opportunity. But some people realized by themselves that it was not their way, it was too difficult for them.

We were also told at once: “You are studying at the MEPhI, and we have one of the few departments that teaches according to the Physicotechnical Method. This system consisted of the following: several years of theoretical preparation and then practice in basic institutes and laboratories.

– Could you explain for the person far from physics, what does “Physicotechnical” mean?

– “Physicotechnical” or the Physicotechnical Method of training is a unique and paradoxical phenomenon in our former science, in the USSR, which arose in the Moscow State University by the initiative of such scientists as P. Kapitsa, N. Semenov and many, many others. The Physicotechnical method officially was more widely distributed in another university – the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT). Actually, these were two similar universities – MEPhI and MIPT, they were competitors at some point. They were about same, but MEPhI was more about all-powerful secondary mechanical engineering, everything was about bombs and nuclear power. There was more freedom in MIPT. MEPhI was more classified than MIPT, it was little known about it outside its walls in those years. As we said, “MEPhI is a university of the regime.”

It is interesting to know about the birth of the Physicotechnical System. When in 1947 it was necessary to make a nuclear bomb, the Faculty was opened in the Moscow State University, it was named the Faculty of Technical Physics (FTU MSU). In those terrible Stalin’s times, it was an unprecedented freedom there. The most powerful professors, the explosion of passionarity, freedom, everyone was bursting with science and everything new. In MSU this faculty stayed until 1952, then it was closed, because it did not fit into the Soviet system. But on its basis two structures were made. The first one is the Physicotechnical Institute of the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology. A number of departments, including our department number 4 (fast processes) were transferred to the MEPhI.

In the study the main emphasis was put on higher mathematics and laboratory work in physics. Meaning, we had to come to the laboratory, and for example, to rediscover the speed of sound. The textbook says this and that, but it can be a lie. “Here are your tools, so tell us what speed of sound is equal to and with what inaccuracy you measured it.” Often people were expelled ruthlessly for not knowing the higher mathematics and for lack of knowledge or desire to work with their own hands in the laboratory and to confirm the theory by experiments.

Another brutal department we had was the physical culture. If you do not show up, you will not be allowed to pass tests and examinations. This is the next component, which brings it together with yoga. Because in our Yoga University, if you start being too clever without practicing Hatha and Kriya yoga, nothing will happen. They felt it there as well. It was a long experience, because everyone goes into empiricism, they do not care about body, and brains stop working.

– But still how were you coping with all this?

– At first, it was hard for me, and I did not study well. I did not have a serious physical and mathematical training before entering, and it was difficult to master mathematics. The department of mathematics was very rigid, it was called “wolves of the forest”. They were mercilessly “gnawing” all the weak and poor, and I have to be very grateful for this. It is easy to be kindhearted, it is hard to be demanding. That time after all, if you were expelled, you could immediately get into the army, so this was a good motivation as well. First I was studying badly, and they had already gave up struggling with me[YS3] , but later I „got it with prana” again, I went straight ahead. Then I began to study better and better, and by the third year I had already become an excellent student.

I would wish to implement an equally serious approach to the study of yoga axiomatics and yoga theory at the International Open Yoga University.

– Has anything changed, after studies in the MEPhI went better? Did you want to give yourself a break?

– No, then I decided to study at the Moscow State University, sometimes it seems that they teach better somewhere else. It was just the beginning of the confusion, the wind of change, ‘perestroika’. I came to the dean’s office and said, “I’m one of the best students, there are several subjects that I would like to study at the Moscow State University, let me go there for several semesters.” They wrote some official papers for me, and I went to the Moscow State University, and it was good that the  Physicotechnical System allowed to build a flexible study schedule. At that time, I was working at the Institute of Organic Chemistry of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR  in one of the basic institutes of the Physicotechnical System and studying at the Moscow State University. I studied crystal chemistry there and several other subjects. So, I looked on the learning process from the MEPhI’s point of view, as well as from the Physicotechnical Institute side and the Moscow State University side, so there was something to compare from different points of view. Later on, I was interested how it works in the USA. A friend of mine, my roommate, a very talented guy, went there to live and work. He told me at one of the meetings that it is such a freebie there. He began to teach there and fell into the black list of teachers. Students come to pass physics, mathematics, and he starts to ask them according to the standards of the MEPhI. So, they rebelled, howled, ran to the deans to complain about that “Russian”. What is average here is the highest level there. Frankly speaking, I’m a “fan” of MEPhI. If I just see somewhere the word “MEPhI” or hear the name, the warmest and most joyful feelings wake up inside me. Truly the giant is seen only from a distance. The more I live, the more I thank destiny or karma that I got to study there, not anywhere else.

– How was your life after studying at the MEPhI?

– I had a good diploma, I was engaged in the project about one very powerful, promising high-energy, explosive substance. I defended it perfectly, and then what? I’m not from Moscow, I had no registration, I could not find a job. I had a very small choice. I was supposed to be sent to the closed cities Chelyabinsk-70 or Arzamas-16, we called it “to be boxed in”, because in the Soviet years normally they wrote only a mailbox number as a return address of enterprises and laboratories. Probably there were other options of which I still do not know. But I was an excellent student, and they told me to go to postgraduate school. And the postgraduate school was also of the same Physicotechnical type, so I was a student of the MEPhI and of a postgraduate school of the Institute of Chemical Physics of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR at the same time.

Then quite heavy times for physicists came. Figuratively speaking, there was nothing to eat, in general everything was bad. So, I had to leave postgraduate school, and I went to wander, to study yoga. It is still a closed part of my life, really, I abandoned everything and left.

But it happened that I was in Budennovsk, in my hometown, when it was captured by Shamil Basayev… It all happened in front of my eyes, when they came with the wagons. It’s amazing that I did not get there. There were shot cartridges, weapons, corpses around the city! My God! It was a nightmare, of course. My classmate was in the hospital that was captured. And another classmate was also studying in Moscow, and at the same time Basayev was studying at the Land Management Institute, they were almost in one batch. And then her husband was shot down… But I do not want to remember this now, it is terrible.

– Such a huge experience you have… It’s one thing when you watch it on TV, all these acts of terrorism, and it is another thing when you see it personally …

– But I escaped safely and can talk to you now. Then there was another piece of life that I should skip. Then my friends told me, “Come to us, get an MBA degree.” It was based on the former communistic party school. The International University was made under an agreement with Gorbachev, so that teachers from the US were sent to teach us MBA here.

I won a grant on the MBA, and this epic began. Then I realized what I missed in MEPhI – it’s a humanitarian component and business. So, I got my MBA, and then a friend told me, “You must work at Price Waterhouse” (now PricewaterhouseCoopers).  It is a giant audit consulting company, it is more than 160 years old. And the working language there is English. Then I found a lot of friends-foreigners.

It turned out that I got to work not in some soviet company, but in a foreign one. And everything was very clear, fast, and very serious there. You must combine work and study immediately. And rules of the game were very clear: every year you either advance in position, or raise in the salary, or you are fired. The “Best and Brightest” policy – the best and brightest stuff. Speaking yogic language, they need people with lots of prana and bhava, or people with lots of will, energy, charisma, people with ambitions.

– What did you do there?

– Work was combined with study. I had several months of study and then business trips, mostly in Siberia. Audit and consulting: you check and consult. Now the requirements are stricter, that times audit companies could consult. In general, I was a consultant, a big boss. To give you an example, I was engaged in oil, gas and energy spheres.



– If it is not a secret, with what companies did you deal?

– I had to work in most of the largest oil and energy companies, except for Lukoil. Among others I can name “Gazprom”, RAO “Unified Energy System of Russia”, “Megionneftegaz”, “Slavneft”, “Rosneft”, “Yuganskneftegaz”… Lukoil was not a client of Price Waterhouse.

– Did you work with YUKOS?

– Yes, with them as well. YUKOS is a separate topic. I do not know if I have a right to say something about it. I have mixed feelings for YUKOS. These are people who really were fighting with USSR spirit. They had ambitions to become a transnational corporation. But there were also nuances, I do not want to talk about them. But Price Waterhouse had very good and correct behavior.

– How did you manage to combine this work with yoga? It seems to be so opposite things: big business and spiritual practices.

– By the way, there I met a living example of how you can combine ordinary life with higher spiritual practices. An example was given in the face of Mike Hendrickson. He is a partner or co-owner of the company. He is a legendary person! A big shark of capitalism, the former military man. He was an officer in the army for two years but it was too tedious and there was no possibility to be creative, so he went to consulting. He was absolutely unrivaled here.  This is the person who started the day with a meditation. He was doing a great job, earned a lot of money for the company, and could behave as he wanted. And he could say, “I start my day with a meditation”. But if you have not succeeded in anything and start saying, “I meditated today and I heard voices”, then it is anti-yoga.

What we need to learn from USA is the ultimate democracy, freedom, openness. I came to him and said openly, “Mike, I know you are doing something spiritual”. He said, “Yes, I do.” And we became friends. Moreover, I had my line managers, a whole bunch of structures. And Mike was above all of it, like a god, the emperor. And here the person came to the company just yesterday, and he has already been friendly with him. So, everyone began to whisper.

We discussed with him questions of meditation and yoga. By the way, he lived in Leontief Lane (formerly Stanislavsky) in the center of Moscow. I told him that Stanislavsky was also practicing yoga.

Out of the corner of my eye I watched how he conducted business, how professionally everything was organized, how he calculated all the risks. It was a very competent policy of attitude to the staff: if you work, and then you come to resign, because the competitor pays more for the same job, so they will rejoice and organize the farewell party! It was not like in our soviet companies, “He betrayed us all, he left us for the competitor…” There the personal freedom was high above everything else.

I would also want to implement this feature into the International Open Yoga University. If you find out that it is freer in some other similar educational institution, I will be the first one to go there  myself.

Further, there is the continuation. You have worked for competitors, have proven yourself, and you can return to a higher position, with a promotion. Pay attention to the very ideology: you went to a competitor, but returned, it means, that you appreciated that we are better. This is the American mentality. Well, our mentality has a good feature as well – it is devotion.

In general, I worked there gloriously, got a gigantic experience. Then I worked closely with various Russian companies. I was paid huge money with my experience. Some companies were very decent, some of them had a pure soviet spirit, and I left them, because this soviet atmosphere can’t  be compensated by any money. You lose your qualifications if you work with these companies, lose your business acumen and degrade slowly.

– So, this work not only did not interfere with your development in yoga, but also was helping?

– Of course, the laws of the universe bind us all, if you understand them in one thing, you will understand them in another one! We even held special Sunday meditations in Moscow with Mike Hendrickson for businessmen and employees of financial companies. Now Mike has retired, he has gone into spiritual search, travels around the world. Now he teaches an intuition course to business students at one of the American universities. This class has been a tremendous success and Mike’s students have loved the class completely! He holds meditations in the classroom at the end of class and teaches his students subjective points of reference and demonstrates how to have synchronicity in life.

One day I came to Mike complaining that I could not do this audit work any longer. He said that was fine and asked, “What are you going to do”?  I said that I did not know so he suggested that I continue to work for Price Waterhouse while I can figure it out. Mike said, “When you have figured it out, come and let me know.” Some time later I came and said I was going to organize a consulting company. Great! Years later Mike came to Moscow for a visit, I was really grateful for suggesting me stay at PwC. He gave me the experience to start my business and the confidence to know that I could. I showed him my awesome yoga studio and we shared a drink.

– When did you completely switch to yoga?

– Then I began to create my own consulting companies. And that is it. Things were going well, but I had a longing. The same longing I had when I graduated from the MEPhI. I had to sign multi-million dollar contracts, and I had this ancient Russian melancholy, like in Grebenshchikov’s song, I could not do anything about myself and I understood that I just could not deal with all this! I created businesses for myself, they were working nicely, but I had to work on them continuously. I will tell a story as an anecdote. One firm, not very profitable, was taken away from me. One of my clients lured all my employees to him. And here I had a revelation. On the one hand, the client thought that he had acted badly. Well, judge for yourself, if you pull specialists out of the company, what will remain there? Office furniture and a secretary. The price of such a company is zero. But when they told me about this, I felt like I dropped off the world from my shoulders! My headache was gone. I had to pay my employees, but most importantly, I had to look for new customers all the time, I could not just fire everyone, it’s not yogic. If you have signed a contract for three years, you have to complete it, do not burden your karma. And there I just faced the fact, it was like a gift from heaven! Was this loss of the company my negative karma or positive? Of course, it was positive, although outwardly it looked like a negative one. The rest of companies required little attention and worked by themselves, but I was more and more involved in yoga. There was also study and preparation. Then we created Happy Yoga Center.

– Vadim, how did you create the International Open Yoga University? This is such a huge project!

If we have to make a spiritual revolution, we must do it. Thank God, I am not ashamed for the knowledge of yoga! IOYU was conceived as a place where any person who knows absolutely nothing about yoga can come and study it systematically, step by step, at an extremely high level. The language of the presentation of yoga should be simple, logical, understandable and accessible to the widest circle of people. The brightest students are given the opportunity to receive a training for yoga instructors and teachers in Russian or English, to work in Russia, Europe, America.

What are the principles of this university? Surely, the teaching of yoga is different in different schools. As far as I know, in the West, and in Russia, you can get a diploma of a yoga instructor in several months, and your training lasts for 4 years.

– The principles of IOYU are as follows:

The first. Implementing the most powerful humanistic knowledge in the field of self-knowledge and the hidden powers of human from yoga and the oldest Vedas, as a source of all knowledge of yoga.

The second. Implementing all the best from the field of fundamental education and science that was in Soviet science (Russian science), in physics and mathematics school and in such high schools as the MEPhI, the Phisicotechnological school, the Moscow State University.

Third. Applying the most advanced and progressive approaches in the field of financial organization of work and studies from the most advanced companies in Europe and America, such as PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), McKinsey & Company, The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) and others.

It is necessary to combine these three principles at the University in a harmonious way so that it can function according to the ideology of self-sustaining development (Sustainable Development).

– Why are we talking about these components and how is this connected with yoga?

– There is the proposition in the theory of yoga and in the ancient knowledge of the Vedas that if we combine three factors, namely Knowledge, Will and Action, then we can completely rebuild the entire Universe and reach the heights of self-knowledge.

Knowledge, or Jnana in Sanskrit, should be taken from India, from the teachings of yoga and the ancient Vedas, since it probably has survived only there. All of India’s life for centuries has been directed to preserve the ancient knowledge of the Vedas.

Will, or Ichchha in Sanskrit, should be taken from Russia from the field of fundamental science and the ability to implement any given super task. A breakthrough into space, the creation of national defense means proves that Russia is a country that can mobilize all the Will to achieve a worthy goal.

Action, or Kriya in Sanskrit, should be taken from Europe and America. To make all actions financially and organizationally self-sustaining, or even better, giving profit is the factor of life that has been perfectly worked out in the West, and which currently needs to be established both in India and in Russia.

– And the last question is, how do you imagine students, future teachers of yoga?

– In the students, I want to see “best and brightest” people, meaning bright, pranic, successful in everything! I do not believe if someone tells me that something cannot be achieved. I do not believe that the spiritual and the material aspects can’t be combined. I had personal examples in my life, so these are not abstract statements. And I do not think that yogis should walk around with a bowl of alms like homeless people at Kursk and Kazan railway stations, like in India! Unless, of course, they want it by themselves, because freedom is sacred in yoga. I want to see strong and determined people in yoga, only then we will achieve great results. I want to push forward this impulse of bhava, faith, inspiration, awareness of the strengths and capabilities, because it really works! I proved it by myself, a lot of other people are the living proof, it is enough of whining! The knowledge of yoga is rapidly disappearing, and if we do not save it and pass it on, humanity can simply not survive.

You know, in the 19th century Swami Vivekananda, a disciple of the great Ramakrishna, predicted that the ancient knowledge of yoga would have to spread all over the world, and that the beginning of the spread would be, apparently, Russia. I hope that the Open Yoga University will become one of the triggers in the chain of these events.

Interesting fact is that Mike Hendrickson visited Sai Baba in India and Sai Baba Also said that it would not be America but Russia who would lead the world back to its spiritual roots and ideals…

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